Search Marketing

Search Marketing

Pure search is not so pure any more. Many factors are now in play, including social.

What we think

Google remains the most visited search engine in the world; 84% globally. Their paid search revenues are up 220% since 2007 with Bing and Yahoo still struggling to make inroads. They use their success to invest in their core search product, and this is making SEO tactics ever more complex. 

Google’s goal is good - to make search results more relevant and personal – but it means digital marketers need to start integrating their efforts. The days of ranking websites and pages purely on inbound links is over. Content is king and many other factors are now in play, including social media. 

A 2012 eConsultancy report suggests the majority of companies (57%) are still treating search and social separately with just 19% using the same agency to do both. How integrated are your plans?

What we do

We do everything a pure Search agency can do but have the edge in our integrated approach. Our team of search, content marketing and social media experts sit under the same roof and collaborate to achieve the optimum blend of approach. 

Key priorities and services;

  • Understanding your commercial goals
  • 360 search effectiveness audit
  • Competitor spend and benchmarking
  • Keyword research, market sizing
  • Setting search in wider digital marketing strategy
  • KPIs, target setting 
  • Paid search strategy and management
  • Natural search strategy and management
  • Mobile search strategies
  • Domain strategies
  • Content audit, site and page restructuring, on-site optimisation
  • Content planning, generation and management
  • Link building
  • Article distribution
  • Social media integration 
  • Conversion optimisation for PPC
  • Analytics, interpretation
  • Test & refine

What we're saying