13 Apr 2010

'king genius

Written by Lauren


We were really chuffed to see a lovely write up in NMA’s Adwatch for one of our latest campaigns with Burger King and the good folk at CP+B.

Stuart Parkinson, Planner, VCCP writes “Yet again, Burger King has nailed a brilliant digital idea. You know why this work is fantastic - go and play with it if you don’t. You create your ’king’ T-shirt on the site and either buy it then or choose to earn it, which involves publishing your idea to your Facebook page and allowing people to vote on it. The six best then get chosen by BK and put up for voting. The winner wins his or her shirt, as do all the people who voted.

It’s inherently participative, populating your news feed to show and involve all your friends in what you’re doing. It’s bold and unusual, rooted in existing behaviours and it leverages the cool but still fairly unheard of user-generated custom T-shirt business. It’s ’king genius.”