1 Jun 2010

A week on the web #09

Written by Lauren

Stuff on the web we think you might like...

Street Museum iPhone app: This clever app uses augmented reality, geo tagging and Google Maps to overlay a historical view of London over your real-world street scene. We couldn't resist having a play, the above pic is round the corner from Pancentric Towers by the Thames.

Pixelise the world: Stunningly imaginative video illustrating the world as it would be if infiltrated by pixels.

So That's How They Filmed the Star Wars Opening Crawl: For a film that was light year’s ahead the filming techniques for the opening crawls were ‘wonderfully quaint.’

How to suck at Facebook: The Oatmeal brings you the best of Facebook faux-pas. Laugh-your-socks-off stuff.

Accepting meetings honestly: Imagine if you could express or see how people felt about coming or going to meetings.

Google world domination, starting with your TV

Combining the best aspects of television and the web, Google have announced the launch of their TV box set. The platform opens up your TV to millions of channels of entertainment, type in what you’re looking for and Google will help you find it on the web or on TV channels. Alternatively, if you just want to browse, you can use your standard program guide, your DVR or the Google TV home screen. Check the latest pop video’s on Youtube, show friends your photo’s or play online games, all on your big shiny 50 inch plasma screen.

Sky are rumoured to be interested in having Sky TV on the Google TV set, and Sony and Logitech are due to be the first to integrate Google TV into their devices. Sony announced production of TV’s and Blu-Ray DVD player’s with Google TV built in, while Logitech have plans to introduce an HDTV camera and video chat, along with apps to turn a smart phone into an advanced remote control. We need never leave the sofa again.

New Facebook privacy settings

In the wake of mounting public concern and a media backlash, Facebook have announced their new and improved privacy settings, releasing a detailed list of the proposed changes. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has already admitted in his Washington Post column that they ‘missed the mark’ with changes in privacy settings last December,  but comments that users will now be offered simpler privacy settings to give them more control over their personal information. They have acknowledged that their 50 privacy settings and 170 privacy options can be confusing for users.

The unpopular changes made in December 2009, dubbed The Great Facebook Betrayal by Gawker, removed the ability to hide your profile pictures, fan pages and network membership from all strangers. They also allowed advertisers within Facebook to trace back to individual users every time they followed a link to their ad, and due to the changes in privacy settings an increasing amount of user’s personal information was shared on the site by default. Check out this video of Mashable's Pete Casmore discussing Facebook's response to the user backlash.

A milestone moment

Apple has taken over Microsoft as the biggest tech company, pushing past its biggest Rival Microsoft. While Microsoft remains the highest profit making of the two companies, Apple is leading the way in terms of share price value thanks to the introduction of iPods, iPhones and iPads. Now, depending on your interpretation of the stats, you could see this as Apple taking nearly 20 years to get back to the position it held in 1989...