5 Nov 2010

World Usability Day 2010

Written by Lauren

World Usability Day is all about making our world better, simpler and user friendly. Communication is this year’s theme – a topic that’s right up our street.

Armed with our video camera in hand we took a stroll around Borough market and the streets by our studio and had a chat with the people we met along the way – your customers, your audiences. Our premise was simple, we wanted to find out how far the industry is removed from the end-user when it comes to communication. Are we talking the same language as our customers?

We met some genuinely warm, open people who happily shared their experiences. On World Usability Day, November 11th, we’ll upload the vox pops and throughout the day itself will dedicate our Twitter feed exclusively to usability related tips, advice and best practice. You'll find us on Twitter.com/Pancentric.