12 May 2011

spurs turn on the razzamatazz with yellow lollipop

Written by Jimmi

The famous 'power of blogs' experiment. So here we are, live at BIBA 2011 (#BIBA2011), demonstrating how powerful blogs can be for your marketing efforts, and how well they perform in search engines.

Right now as all eyes rest on the screen behind me (pics to follow), we've taken a random blog title generated by the lovely BIBA audience, and we're going to see whether this blog post will have indexed in the Google search rankings by the end of this BIBA conference breakout session that Pancentric have been co-hosting.

For the good of digital marketing, not to mention my reputation, let's hope this works. Today we've discussed the merits of social media in the B2B space, how the insurance community can realise the potential social media presents businesses, and how social media fits more broadly with other digital marketing activity.

We've heard from BIBA themselves how working with Pancentric to develop their social media offering has delivered some stand-out results for them both in terms of reach and awareness. Neil Grimshaw from the Ravenhall group has also been telling us how his use of social media has led to some influential connections and greater visibility for his business services.

Our very own Tim Mears has presented some interesting social media case studies, demonstrating how social media plays an important role on the purchasing decisions of millions of online consumers, and now we find ourselves at the 'experiment'...

To demonstrate how quickly Blogs index posts, we're going to put this one live now, and in just 30 minutes time, we'll search for our post in Google, and hey presto it will be there. Digital, don't fail me now.