The Market-Leading Digital Experience Platform

Future-proof your brand's digital estate and marketing strategies with Sitecore® Experience Platform, and unlock the best pathways to increased customer conversions.

Sitecore is far more than just a content management system.  Harness the power of your customer data to transform how your brand engages with consumers, delivering seamless personalised experiences and omnichannel nurture campaigns that give you end-to-end control over your customer lifecycle.

Future-proof your brand to meet demand

Customer expectation has never been higher. Consumers want brands to anticipate their needs, demanding immediate access to relevant content and hassle-free transactions.  Brands need to be truly customer-centric to stand out from the crowd, or risk losing consumers to competitors.

Sitecore gives you the competitive edge.  As the leading experience engine, Sitecore takes the power of your customer data and uses machine-learning to put your brand ahead of the curve, delivering seamless commerce and personalised customer experiences with content that adapts to resonate with each consumer.  

Sitecore empowers digital maturity, giving you end-to-end control over your digital estate, your omnichannel distribution and your consumer lifecycle, creating the best paths to conversion.

The right partner is the key to success

Sitecore XP is an advanced platform.  Achieving great outcomes depends on choosing the right partner.  Pancentric are Sitecore Silver Partners and digital transformation experts.  We specialise in replatforming digital estates for enterprise brands and global insurers, implementing digital innovations and technologies that push boundaries and empower businesses to become agile and customer-centric.

Dynamic personalisation that sells

Power personalisation on a global scale, using Sitecore's intelligent tools that target consumers with relevant content based on visitor data, persona profiles and built-in rule engines.

Create reusable page templates and linked content components, accelerating page builds and empowering marketers with greater control and the confidence to edit content quickly.

AI machine-learning automatically modifies page elements, delivering real-time contextualised content to optimise the customer experience, serving the greatest value-added content that nurtures the consumer lifecycle more effectively and increases your brand equity.

Multi-site CMS with global scalability

Align global brands and complex digital estates with ease.  As a strategic content management system, Sitecore grants you the power of speed and scalability to replatform multi-brand sites.

Reduce the time to market.  Create, manage and deliver personalised content more efficiently across multiple websites, all within a single Sitecore instance.

Multi-lingual deployments are Sitecore's bread and butter.  Integration with leading translation providers makes personalising consumer content across multiple languages a breeze.

Smart insights power AI machine learning

Innovative machine learning algorithms gather real-time data on customer interactions, building deep customer segmentation and measuring behaviour patterns across your customer lifecycle.

Propensity frameworks predict user outcomes, using adaptive profile models and behavioural tracking APIs to target customers with content that adapt to match their expected behaviour.

Automated personalisation recommendations make contextualised content more accurate, and deliver greater ROI by reducing content marketing time and increasing sales opportunities.


Omnichannel customer experiences

80% customers1 are more like to make purchases if a brand offers seamless personalised experiences. 
As an integrated omnichannel platform, Sitecore empowers your business to deliver smarter, seamless experiences across every touchpoint, intelligently targeting consumers and conversions.

Sitecore Experience Commerce® maximises the lifetime value of your customers.  After the initial transaction, content placement strategies continually offer value and encourage brand loyalty.

Omnichannel distribution ensures unified messaging across all your marketing channels.  From social, mobile, point-of-sale, IoT devices and more, Sitecore monitors and measures performance across devices to deliver consistently personalised experiences at every customer touchpoint.


Marketing control at your fingertips

Create and deploy segmentation campaigns that track the entire engagement lifecycle of every customer, helping you build propensity models that target the consumers most likely to convert.  Flexible permissions, workflow management and audit trails provide end-to-end content control.

A/B and multivariate testing provide marketers with the agility and adaptability to easily control, analyse and optimise their digital estate and content marketing to maximise conversions. 

Marketing automation enables you to respond to customers’ needs at exactly the right moment, sending perfectly timed nurture messages triggered by key actions within your customer journey.


Robust integrations and flexibility

IT teams will enjoy the speed, reliability and scalability of Sitecore's PaaS environment, with APIs that enable them to connect, secure, and control all data flowing in and out of your organization.

Integrate your CRM systems for greater customer insight and marketing personalisation, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce to target and nurture warm leads more effectively.

Increase your policy uptakes by integrating Sitecore with our quote & buy solution, Go-Insur.  Plus Sitecore's AI chatbots help to reduce policy servicing costs and increase your responsiveness.

Accelerated build times 

Pancentric offers faster than normal implementation times thanks to our specialised Sitecore Dev Toolkit, with quality assured outcomes; (subject to complexity, from 3 months).

Cloud Hosting and Support & Maintenance packages are available. Supportive on-boarding and training, plus advanced experience engine training in collaboration with Sitecore.

Sitecore 9.0 onwards offers full GDPR compliance. 

Transform your digital estate and start converting more leads

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Save time and money

Production delivery timelines from 3 months. Fees apply for consultancy & implementation (Pancentric) and platform licence (Sitecore). Hosting & Support & Maintenance packages also available.