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High performing user experiences  

As an award-winning web design agency, specialising in CX and UX design, we know how to create digital experiences customers will love, and that will do wonders for your business.

We use customer-led design to help transform the digital presence of brands. Good design sparks interest, but great design elevates a brand, engaging and driving your customers down target pathways to perform desired actions. That's where effective user journey mapping, prototyping and testing deliver results.

We use an iterative design process to continuously test and optimise your designs and user journeys, ensuring the final product boosts your brand and unlocks improved performance. 

Big Picture Principles

Winning Design Approach

For your product to be successful, your customers need to want it, but it also has to offer real value to your business. Our winning approach to UX design uses the perfect trinity of Desirability, Viability and Feasibility to derive designs that are desirable to consumers, financially viable, technically feasible, and ultimately offer your business the greatest strategic return.

Navigating Successful UX Design

Mapping Your User Journeys

One of the most important elements of any digital experience is the customer journey - and for every journey, there must be a map that ensures they reach the desired final destination. 

Customer journey mapping is key in web design.  At Pancentric, we build user journeys and information hierarchies that will deliver your business and customers the best path to success. 

We focus on your core objectives, researching target customers that interact with your brand to define buyer personas.  These user stories help us navigate customer touchpoints and any potential frictions that might hinder the user experience, ensuring we always deliver the best possible outcome.

Visualise The Journey

Rapid UX Prototyping

We prototype website designs early to test propositions and primary customer flows.  This gives us a tangible idea of whether the UX designs are delivering optimal user journeys that drive consumers towards your end goal.

Our mobile-first prototypes enable us to gain invaluable customer feedback quickly, with the minimum of outlay.  This agile approach allows us to rapidly adapt the designs and user journeys accordingly, to always deliver you the best possible return on investment.

design thinking toolkit

Your Design Thinking Toolkit

Download our free Design Thinking Toolkit to unlock innovative techniques to help your business ask the right design questions and shape the best proposition.

This 25 page toolkit has expert advice and templates, giving your team all the tools to kick-off your own design thinking workshops, and truly get into the mindset of customer desirability, design feasibility and product viability.

A wise man once said

"The faster we make our ideas tangible, the sooner we can evaluate them, refine them, and zero in on the best solution"

Tim Brown, Change by Design

Building Your Designs

High-Fidelity Prototypes

Get an interactive visual representation of what your final website designs will look like with our high-fidelity (hi-fi) prototypes.  Explore your user journeys and see how they render in your new digital customer experience.

We use hi-fi prototypes for later-stage testing to validate the granular interactions on your product, testing usability and identifying any potential issues in the workflows. These tangible prototypes can be invaluable for gaining senior stakeholder buy-in, building your business case, or bidding for funding.

Making Designs Reality

Real-Life Creative Executions

We're not just digital.  As a design agency, we have a multi award-winning track record in delivering amazing designs in both digital and non-digital settings. 

From website branding schemes to physical designs - like our cybersecurity school toolkit - our team take an innovative approach to design that's sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

Always superb design from Pancentric and the team are great to deal with. Highly recommend.
Jenny Lane
Head of Marketing, Thomas Miller Group
The best in CX and UX design

Awesome Design Outcomes

From service apps to multi-site brochureware estates, our designs take businesses to the next level.

website design and build
Moneyfacts - website redesign
Libra homescreen
Thomas Miller Group - group insurance brochure website
Oxfordbus - design and build
OCS - website umbraco design and build
British Friendly - quote and buy website
Grainger - property website design and build
Grainger - mobile responsive websites
Marsh - Insurance website design
The Shard - website design and build
Group Digital Solution

Manage Multiple Websites on One Easy-to-Use Platform

Are you a group organisation wanting design freedom for each of your brands, but a unified standard across your web estate?

Our team has the design expertise and flexible templating tools to make this design challenge an easy-to-manage reality, consolidating your multi-brand digital estate in a single platform.

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