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The power of personalisation in Insurance

Insurers need to be creating engaging and memorable experiences for their customers. Using personalisation tools, such as Sitecore, you can identify individual customer needs to deliver a more relevant and personalised experience.
- Carl Lawrence (Digital Strategist)

Sitecore - an essential tool for Digital Marketers

In 2018, a digital marketers job extends beyond delivering and updating content onto their website. All digital marketing activities have to be relevant and personalised. With Sitecore, marketers can control all digital activities from a single comprehensive platform.
- Connie Brown (Marketing Manager)

Top content marketing trends for insurance in 2018

Customer loyalty in the insurance industry has always been a challenge. With increasing demand for personalisation and restrictions such as GDPR, how can you harness the power of content marketing to delight your customers?
- Rachael Pywell (Content Marketing Manager)

Digital transformation - getting your business engaged

Over 70% of Digital Transformation projects fail because of people! Our Research Lead, Julian Colman, discusses techniques to get your employees engaged and how increase chances of success in Digital Transformation programmes.
- Julian Colman (Research lead)

Sitecore Gold Partner

Pancentric are proud to announce that we are a Sitecore Gold Partner. With our recent Sitecore deployments, such as OCS Group, we are uniquely qualified to deliver and implement the features on the Sitecore platform.
- Connie Brown (Marketing Manager)

The three ages of digital

James Downes discusses how digital has progressed and why each development is important to how organisations can innovate effectively today.
- James Downes (Director)

Pancentric at Future of General Insurance

We are excited to announce that we are Silver sponsors of Future of General Insurance Conference taking place on the 7th & 8th November. Find out more here.
- Connie Brown (Marketing Manager)

Creating an unforgettable customer experience

What your customer experiences is very different to what they will remember. All service providers want to create memorable moments for their customers; but which will stand the test of time?
- Connie Brown (Marketing manager)

What influences your customer?

Your customer is more than a collection of their demographics and purchasing history. Learn what influences their decisions and how this is pivotal for your business.
- Connie Brown (Marketing Manager)

Design thinking with the London Market

We brought a new way of thinking to the London Market's innovation shadow council by introducing them to the Design Thinking process.
- Connie Brown (Marketing Manager)

Digital marketing measurement for Insurance

You could have the best digital marketing strategy in the world, but how would you know? Take a look at the appropriate metrics for measuring marketing activities in the insurance industry
- Steve Clark (Data Analyst)

Is your content marketing customer centric?

When it comes to content marketing, we believe an intent based approach is essential in order to be truly customer-centric. Find out how a See-Think-Do-Care framework can drive growth for your business.
- Rachael Pywell (Content Marketing Manager)

Designer vs Designers

In the era of the customer, design has become pivotal to creating valuable experiences for the end-user. Thinking like a designer can provide great insight into solving the human questions.
- James Downes (Strategy Director)

What blocks innovation?

With the pressure of innovation mounting, companies are still fixated on the old solutions that have no more relevance in the digital era. How can organisations step away from this behaviour and truly innovate?
- Connie Brown (Marketing Manager)

Embracing flexibility with Agile

With an agile framework you can harness the changing view of the customer to implement quick and valuable developments. What should you focus on to make this happen?
- Sean McEmerson (Front-End Development Lead)

Why everyone should learn design thinking

Talking about design thinking can never give you a complete understanding of the process. Take part in one of our workshops to learn a fun and creative way to tackle business problems.
- Connie Brown (Marketing Executive)

Service design your way to growth

Service design, as a new and innovative process, can sometimes feel abstract. However, when it's done well, it can be the key to unlocking the smart growth that all companies crave.
- Murray Cox (Strategy Director)

Using your agency for innovation

Innovation is becoming a requirement for all businesses, but it is no easy task. Murray Cox provides a breakdown of innovation and the steps you need to take.
- murray cox (strategy director)

Existential threats to the insurance industry

Talk of innovation and disruption in insurance is bandied around on an almost daily basis. James Downes looks at some of the most outstanding trends, and asks "is this REALLY innovative?"
- James Downes (Strategy Director)

Learning by doing with design thinking

Throughout 2016, we've run workshops to help innovators learn design thinking by doing it, rather than just reading about it. Here's what we've learnt so far.
- Joe Carstairs (Head of Marketing)

The role of design thinking in innovation

Innovation is everywhere but practical advice about how to innovate is less prevalent, especially in companies that can't afford R&D labs, incubators or accelerators.
- murray cox (strategy director)

Facilitating design thinking

The beauty of Design Thinking is its unpredictability. Its potential to take things in a surprising direction, even before you’ve grabbed your second coffee.
- Kate Greenstock (Design director)

Changing service experience in insurance

This post was prompted by an article on LinkedIn by insurance veteran (no disrespect) Tim Philip looking at the poor perception of service and customer experience in the insurance industry.
- James Downes (Strategy Director)

Scamping…that’s a dance, right?

When I joined Pancentric as UX designer just under 4 months ago I hadn’t heard the word/term scamp or its verb, scamping. It came up in a meeting in reference to me sketching out some ideas.
- Sunil Pithwa (Junior UX designer)

Lean, Agile or Waterfall?

While the right choice can help your project succeed, the wrong one can cause you endless grief and heartache.
- James Downes (Strategy Director)

Digital Marketing Strategy: The Four Pillars

Late last year, I spent 2 days in Dublin enjoying the hospitality of Google and there was a wealth of knowledge and thought leadership provided.
- david angus (performance marketing strategist)

The easiest way to go viral: Don’t plan to go viral

Anyone who works in social media wants a viral hit on their hands. But how do you achieve it? Is it something that has to be driven by a community or can viral campaigns be manufactured?
- rachael pywell (content marketing executive)

Digital. On Paper.

I’ve just returned from an emergency stationery meeting with our Office Manager here at Pancentric, the fabulous Deby. The topic of said emergency? We need more Post-it notes!
- Kate Greenstock (Design Director)

Experience, not content, is now king

Looking through a raft of digital agency websites recently I was struck by a) how many new sites were in evidence and b) how many were playing down their content offers.
- murray cox (strategy director)

Why service design?

How often have you been stuck in an interminable queue on the phone while trying to speak to your bank or insurance company? You’ve probably said to yourself that there has to be a better way. There is, and it’s called service design.
- murray cox (strategy director)