Brokers can now tap the app to bind policies - 24/7/365

A new Go-Insur web app developed for marine war risk MGA Vessel Protect makes its K&R quote & bind offer one of the most versatile in the market. 

Brokers can now tap the app to bind policies - 24/7/365

Marine war risk specialist Vessel Protect was acquired by Pen Underwriting early 2023 and is now a star player in its newly created Pen Marine division.

The new web app is provided by the policy admin and digital insurance solution Go-Insur, from Pancentric Digital. Brokers can now just tap an icon on their smartphones anywhere in the world 24/7 to bind a Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) cover in just 1 to 2 minutes.

Says Munro Anderson, Head of Operations at Vessel Protect, “Our priority at Vessel Protect has always been speed and minimum fuss for brokers. This web app builds on our highly successful, award-winning service.“

Edward Woodham-Smith, Client Success Director at Go-Insur, explains the latest service enhancements, “Brokers can now tap a Vessel Protect icon on their smartphone home screen and zip through the K&R quote & bind screens in minutes.

"What typically can take hours with other providers can be done in an instant and on the move with Vessel Protect - any time, anywhere in the world. It revolutionises brokers’ service to end clients.”

He continues, “A mix of easy-to-complete questions and marine-specific data enrichment makes light work of the quote process and the system auto-generates all required documentation - a real step-change to efficiency.” 

Vessel Protect has enjoyed significant success as a result of its service-led, tech-enabled strategy. The challenger MGA is now leading the way globally for K&R. Few providers in the market offer the complexity of online underwriting with instant documentation.

Within 12 months of launching their Go-Insur powered digital trading operation, Vessel Protect achieved a 1000% uplift in K&R GWP with 96% repeat usage by brokers.

Over 50 broker organisations worldwide are now registered and trading on the Vessel Protect quote & bind platform.

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