Rebrand of our HUB Intranet SaaS solution now live

Pancentric's HUB Intranet solution has a new skip in its step with an updated identity, website and clear commitment to the climate agenda

Rebrand of our HUB Intranet SaaS solution now live

Director Simon Fenn and Head of Marketing Clare Willson at Engaging Employees Conference (March 2024)

HUB rebrand launches at the 2024 Engaging Employees Conference in London

Woop! Woop! Finally we're live.

At the Engaging Employees Conference in London this month we launched an updated identity for our HUB Intranet SaaS product, along with a new website and commitment to the climate action agenda making our product unique in the market.

New Power of Together proposition

This is a visual identity upgrade and a bolder articulation of what HUB stands for.

Says Director, Simon Fenn, "Proposition wise we wanted to tap into prevailing challenges for business and the age old truth that when everyone's on the same page, rooting for the same goals, anything is possible and success is far more likely." 

Fenn continues, "COVID and the wider revolution in working practices has made vision-sharing tougher for leaders and their teams. Proliferating digital tools, disparate channels of comunication, hybrid working, reduced in-person contact. There are upsides to the new dynamics but challenges too, for organisations and individuals."

When everyone's on the same page, rooting for the same goals, anything is possible and success is far more likely

"More than ever colleagues need a place of certainty and orientation - a definitive, online home for the business culture, a place that crystallises their sense of belonging and purpose but which also gives them a trusted and modern platform for contribution, collaboration and a gateway to all things operational."

"Our HUB solution is this place, quite literally giving businesses the power of together."

Take a look at the new website and see what HUB now has to offer

Brave New World of Work & Comms

As part of the relaunch, the HUB team conducted a major new survey into working practices and communications post-COVID. 

The report, called Brave New World of Work & Comms, reveals that over half of business leaders are now voicing concerns about internal collaboration due to new working practices, with operational innovation also an issue for some.

On top of this, there are worries about team connection, colleagues’ sense of belonging and personal development - 40% cite challenges with the latter. 

For more details about the report and to get your free copy, click here

First intranet with a green agenda

Our other big news is that we're now the first intranet with a green agenda.

Head of Marketing at Pancentric, Clare Willson says, "People working as one is a powerful thing. And that goes for our planet too. We're passionate about sustainability, and have made this core to our HUB operations."

Take a look at the interactive map on the One Tree Planted website tracking tree cover gains and losses since 2001

"When a business chooses HUB as their employee intranet, they're not only making a sustainable choice, but also making a huge difference in our planet's future. For every new HUB, we pledge a donation to our reforestation partner, One Tree Planted, to ensure 50 native trees are planted where they are needed most.

Says Willson, "We tackling climate change one intranet a time. And we commit to plant an additional tree for every year a client remains on our HUB platform."

Click here for more details about our commitment to climate action