Better Digital Experiences for Businesses and Customers

At Pancentric, we believe in using innovative technology to deliver businesses digital transformations that improve efficiency and create better digital experiences for both the business and their customers.
We develop best-in-class technology, as well as providing tech by other leading software vendors.  
(For custom builds key technologies are .Net and Python with full front-end capabilities.)

Digital insurance platform

Unlock new insurance revenues and innovation with GO-INSUR - our flexible Quote & Buy solution. Works standalone or alongside existing back-office solutions. Perfect for insurers with legacy system issues - equally brokers, MGAs and start-ups. 

Getting new insurance products to market is traditionally high cost with long lead-times. Our GO-INSUR Quote & Buy platform gives you new levels of flexibility and speed, empowering insurers to get new products to market faster and unlock new revenue streams quicker. GO-INSUR enables your business to adapt quicker to the rapidly changing market and stay ahead of the competition with its modern tech credentials and performance record.

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Sitecore experience platform

We use the industry-leading Sitecore Experience Platform to implement powerful content management systems for corporate organisations across the globe.  Sitecore delivers world-class personalisation and omni-channel automation, providing businesses with an agile CMS that allows you to effortlessly scale and deploy content across multiple sites.

As a Sitecore Silver Partner, we have successfully implemented the global re-platforming of websites for large corporations and insurers, helping to align the brands of affinity partners around the world. Our expertise as a strategic digital agency ensures every Sitecore implementation features a user-centric design that nurtures customers and encourages conversions.

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Intelligent intranet platform

The Hub is our leading intranet portal trusted by some of the world's biggest brands and insurers, including Legal & General, Nikon, Jelf and Ralph Lauren.  As an engagement and collaboration solution, The Hub provides an intelligent platform for these organisations to connect employees and affinity partners, easily sharing news and resources within a central digital workplace.

As a cost-effective communications platform, The Hub provides businesses across the globe with an effective solution to increase engagement, drive productivity, and forge better collaboration between employees, offices and affinity partners.

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Email marketing platform

Enabler is our multi award-winning email marketing solution that empowers enterprise businesses to build, test and track campaigns more effectively, delivering a higher return on investment through our email management platform. 

Delivering global success for leading brands and insurers, Enabler features powerful functionality including CRM integration, marketing automation, survey tools, micro-landing pages, revenue tracking, lead scoring, conditional content and more. The Enabler platform powers the quote and customer nurture programmes for many of the UK's leading insurers and their affinity partners, helping to increase customer retention.  Our campaign management experts can transform your nurture campaigns, adding next-level personalisation and automation that can deliver your business higher ROI.

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Also see GO-NURTUR email packages

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