Your flexible Quote & Buy solution

So much opportunity and revenue growth is held back by the constraints of legacy insurance systems. GO-INSUR is a flexible Quote & Buy solution that can work stand-alone or as a companion to existing systems enabling you to transact new products and expand distribution with third parties.

Unlock your new business goals

GO-INSUR Quote & Buy unlocks the new business ambitions of insurers, brokers, MGAs and start-ups. Works standalone or alongside your existing back-office systems. Agile delivery and customer-centric design for maximum results.

  • Get products to market faster
  • Exploit market gaps - unlock revenues in weeks
  • Expand distribution - monetise previously untapped channels
  • Achieve ROI on even low margin products
  • Rapid test & learn – afford to fail
  • Iterate fast and build competitive edge

Unlike traditional policy administration systems, GO-INSUR provides you with a flexible cloud-based solution that's fully configurable and enables you to rapidly create, deploy and manage new products more efficiently, allowing you to reduce operational costs and increase policy revenues.

Delivering innovation in insurance

Whether you market simple or more complex insurance policies, GO-INSUR can help optimise and grow your product portfolio to unlock new revenue streams.

Modern design that sells

Developed by a multi award-winning digital agency, GO-INSUR boasts a cutting-edge customer-centric design that delivers a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers.  As digital transformation experts in the insurance sector, we know how to steer user-experience journeys towards conversion.

  • Slick design with intuitive user interface - quotes in minutes
  • Quick & clean form completion - i.e. third party look-ups (e.g. postcode)
  • White labelling & URLs - supports multiple brands, products & partners
  • Fully responsive application - across any device
  • Flexible payment gateway options - with 'on-the-fly' validation

GO-INSUR evolves the policy administration system into a modern insurance solution fit for the 21st century.  User-experience design takes centre-stage to deliver a quote and buy solution where both the front-end and back-end look slick, are easy-to use, and make customer acquisition more effective.

Customer and broker portals

Our flexible insurance solution provides your business with the best of both worlds when it comes to customer-facing or broker portals.  GO-INSUR enables self-serve delivery of all policy attributes to support your entire quote and buy process more efficiently than traditional legacy insurance systems.

  • Sell policies direct-to-customer or via brokers
  • Policy & compliance documentation
  • Save and retrieve quotes, plus user notifications
  • Flexible permissions for broker logins
  • Commission controls & allocations

Fully supported software

GO-INSUR enables easy, rapid creation, management and distribution of your insurance products, empowering your business to quickly adapt to meet rapidly changing market demands and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Change & test rates easily
  • Add & remove questions
  • Re-order and edit questions
  • Report dashboard & export to Excel

Our flexible insurance solution allows you to continuously optimise and scale your policies to unlock revenue.  GO-INSUR is an agile transactional insurance platform that allows you to easily experiment with new products and deliver innovations in insurance that benefit your business growth.

Insurtech specialists 

GO-INSUR is innovative insurance software built by people who understand insurance and the challenges it faces.  Pancentric's multi award-winning digital agency has been delivering innovation in insurance for over 15 years, providing cutting-edge InsurTech solutions across the insurance sector:

  • Established Insurers: i.e. AXA, Allianz, Zurich
  • Global Broker Networks: i.e. Marsh, Jelf, GRP
  • Small Independents
  • Disrupter Start-Ups 
  • Consultancy partners

Our expertise in agile digital transformation and customer-centric design have enabled us to successfully launch new insurance brands and bespoke quote & buy solutions, helping insurance businesses to grow and unlock new revenue streams, while improving efficiency and reducing cost

Easy for IT, increased efficiency

As a modular SaaS solution, GO-INSUR has little to no impact on your internal IT systems, giving your business the flexibility to rapidly deploy new insurance products without complications.

  • Clears IT backlog of marketer requests
  • Bordereau export or PAS integration options
  • Plug into quote & distribution portals (e.g. Polaris)
  • Nice clean data with API integrations

The agile development of GO-INSUR means your business benefits from a fully configurable front-office solution, with dedicated insurance broking integrations that optimise and automate your quote and buy process.  We can increase the efficiency of your policy admin system by reducing operational costs.

Operational peace of mind

Deliver speed and efficiency with a policy admin system powered by the Google Cloud Platform. As a cloud-hosted SaaS solution, GO-INSUR provides your business with the infinite scalability to launch new insurance products quickly and easily.

  • Cloud-based for rapid deployment
  • Stress-tested with high-volume credentials
  • UAT & release procedures for robust implementations
  • Enterprise support & maintenance
  • GDPR compliant
  • ISO 27001 certified

Being on a shared single code-base ensures every GO-INSUR client is continually upgraded to the latest features and functionality, giving you a competitive edge your legacy insurance systems just can't offer. 

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Time & money

Platform set-up from 2 months subject to product complexity. Fee areas are set-up, with fixed running costs. No transaction fees. Hosting & Support & Maintenance included. Terms apply.