Go-live steps

We typically encourage clients to keep their digital plans simple at the initial stages - focus on a Minimum Viable/Valuable Product (MVP), get this to market as soon as possible, generate a business return, scale and invest from there - with confidence. The steps and timings below are for guidance only and typically relate to simpler product implementations.


Step 1
  • Brief your goals
  • Chemistry meeting (video call or in-person)
  • Collaboration work
  • Agree roadmap
  • First release specification
  • Commercials & timing
  • Statement of Work
  • Contracts
  • Duration: from 2 wks


Step 2
  • Core configuration
  • Customisation if needed e.g. special screen design, exceptional features
  • Integrations if needed
  • Duration: from 4-6 wks


Step 3
  • Testing
  • Refinements
  • Training
  • Duration: from 2 wks


Step 4
  • Performance monitoring
  • Agent on-boarding and roll-out (as relevant)
  • Next steps of roadmap

Transforming your insurance business into a modern-day digital business is exciting but can be daunting at the same time. Talk to us early and we can help with prioritisation and planning. Use our easy briefing form to help get your plans off on the right foot.

Greg Horner, Head of Operations

Digital Transformation in Insurance

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