Insurance sector growth. More to it than meets the eye.

Insurtechs are the most bullish group when it comes to growth targets. The opposite seems true for insurers. Everyone else is somewhere in between. This according to a recent report on Growth & Innovation in Insurance put together by our team at Pancentric Digital.

- Simon Fenn (Director)

The power of personalisation in insurance

Insurers need to be creating engaging and memorable experiences for their customers. Using personalisation tools, such as Sitecore, you can identify individual customer needs to deliver a more relevant and personalised experience.

- Clare Willson (Digital Marketing Manager)

Create digital experiences that drive revenue

Do you find you Digital Marketing activities fail to deliver new customers?  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can give you the answers; discover why this needs to part of your digital strategy now.

- Carl Lawrence (Digital Strategist)