Digital Marketing

Lead generation for US Insurer, Cigna Global

American insurance giant Cigna wanted to expand its expat health insurance business in new territories across the world. We delivered a 217% rise in leads across all channels.

Lead generation for US Insurer, Cigna Global

Core lead gen programme

Our brief was Direct to Consumer (D2C). While Cigna had a high profile in the US, they were less well known in other territories. We ran a multi-territory lead gen programme focussed on PPC, affiliate and SEO. Growth results were sustained for 5+ years. Leads volumes uncreased by 217% year-on-year while cost per lead (CPL) reduced by 30%. Channel details: 142% increase in social leads; 40% increase in affiliate leads; 195% rise in search and display leads.



“Digital media is fundamental to our business model. We rely on search to produce thousands of D2C insurance leads per month. Pancentric has increased the volume of leads year-on-year and been pivotal to the 169% sales growth of our business since 2013. An invaluable partner who has delivered - and delivered.”

Matthew Whelan, Head of Marketing, Cigna 


Content strategy

In parallel with the core programme delivery we defined personas and customer journeys in support of a content strategy.

Target content topics were mapped across 3 expat 'journey' phases.

Concepts were developed for a content hub, shown below.