Service Innovation

Concepting new healthcare service for leading insurer

One of the UK's leading medical insurance providers wanted to concept a light-weight healthcare support service that complimented the NHS and offered a potential pathway to private medical.

[Case study anonymised for client confidentiality reasons.]

Concepting new healthcare service for leading insurer

Desirability focus

The innovation start-point was to assess 'Desirability' drivers. Discovery activities featured stakeholder interviews and co-creation workshops across a target range of patient groups to understand prevailing healthcare concerns and needs.

Desirability, feasibility, viability


Research defined key pain-points and current healthcare pathways. Storyboards brought to life a range of future service scenarios

Design Storyboards


Proposition development

Proposition and messaging focused on speed and access to care. Our work also included future-state service mechanics. Interestingly Babylon Healthcare conceived an almost identical advertising proposition 8 months later (late 2018).

Online RFP journey & portal design

31 August 2023

This is RFPs made better. Award-winning investment consultancy firm, bfinance, asked us to take stock of user testing insights and design a best-in-class online RFP service.