Service Design

Online service design innovation for Hitachi Europe

Hitachi Europe wanted to test a new online service connecting patients with physiotherapists. In just 6 weeks we'd built and gone to market with Physiyou.

Client ambition

Hitachi envisioned an ‘open-table’ for the healthcare industry. A strategic focus was to increase patient access to trusted healthcare practitioners in their local area. The initial service concept was to create a 'find-a-physio' aggregator platform.


Ensuring a clear focus

Key questions for the market test were 'Would patients repeat book through the platform? Would physiotherapists pay for the service?'. The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was called Physiyou. Delivery was rapid; three 2-week sprints.

Hitachi Physiyou

Successful market test

London was chosen as the test region. Patients could do postcode searches, read profiles and book appointment slots. For the MVP, physios were recruited manually by the Hitachi team although the phase 2 plan was for online registration.

Hitachi MVP