Design & Build

E-learning platform for Life Fitness

Life Fitness is the world's largest manufacturer of fitness equipment. Our innovative e-learning solution used gamification to help transform their salesforce product education globally.

E-learning platform for Life Fitness

Project challenge

Life Fitness had 600+ sales personnel globally. Salesforce product knowledge was compromising new business and existing client growth. Life Fitness assessed off-the-shelf e-learning solutions but all seemed too dry and vanilla in their approach.


Gamification approach

Our design development was rooted in research with sales teams. It was clear many sales people saw product education as a chore - a distraction from hitting targets. The e-learning solution needed to be easy and engaging to use and play on sales people's competitive instincts. Cue gamification.


"Pancentric's brave interpretation of customer insight and first class interaction design has driven exceptional user engagement in the end solution."
Lawra Angel, Director Life Fitness Academy


The core learning mechanism was 'watch a movie, take a test'. Movies were short videos produced by the Life Fitness product team. Tests were against the clock. Badges were awarded for first-time activities, high scores, fastest times, hitting education targets, national and international league positions etc. Sales people could brag about their successes to colleagues via a community feed. The platform identified weak knowledge areas to help target future product education.


Launched in 6 months

Design and production was in close collaboration with the Life Fitness team. A Phase of the working software was launched within 6 months. Guide to process below.