Digital Transformation

Global web estate for OCS

OCS is one of the world's largest family-owned facilities management companies. Their patchwork of country websites underplayed their brand. The goal was to digitally transform their global profile and in-country effectiveness.

Global web estate for OCS

New service architecture

OCS is a facilities management player employing over 100,000 people across 50 countries. Their patchwork of regional websites run by under-resourced local marketing teams underplayed the scale of their proposition. We worked with stakeholders to consolidate a new sector and service architecture and built this into a new site architecture. The decommissioning of old sites and re-platforming to Sitecore coincided with other significant brand changes and was done on a phased basis.

Implementation included integration with CRM solution Salesforce.




“The new website is a great step toward transformation of the OCS brand online, and global perceptions. Pancentric has given us  fantastic capabilities going forward and integration with Salesforce has step-changed how we run our CRM.” Lucy Morewood, OCS Group

Group digital solution

Pancentric deployed its group digital solution for this project. Once the rollout of the re-platforming was complete, OCS had 16 country websites as well as its corporate site running on the same CMS. 

Move to Umbraco 

With commercial changes to Sitecore licencing fees in 2021, we switched OCS to an open source .Net solution called Umbraco. Umbraco has the same underlying technology as Sitecore. All key Sitecore features were replicated on the Umbraco solution with new benefits in terms of content management usability. Data migration was fully automated. More details on Sitecore versus Umbraco here. 

"Not only has Pancentric been able to replicate the custom functionality they built for us in Sitecore, but the editing process and editing experience has been dramatically streamlined. We're excited going forward to leverage Umbraco to create ever better web experiences for our customers and reduce the amount of management time we spend doing it. Great work Pancentric, thank you Umbraco." Shan Chatoo, Head of Corporate Communications, OCS Group

Online RFP journey & portal design

31 August 2023

This is RFPs made better. Award-winning investment consultancy firm, bfinance, asked us to take stock of user testing insights and design a best-in-class online RFP service.