Usability benchmarking

Optimise your user experience

Score and compare the usability of your digital journeys

Rank the usability of your transactional and service journeys, and see a benchmark comparison against your competitors with Pancentric's specialist Usability Scoring System.


Gain the competitive edge

An independent measure of usability

Whether you create your journey designs internally or with partners, our 60-point usability test provides you with a valuable independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your digital journeys, and how they compare with competitor propositions in your market space. Tests can be undertaken for both live and prototype journeys.

Usability radar chart


Pancentric's Usability Scoring System has been developed over years of consultancy engagements and across a wide range of sectors and digital settings. From mid-2022, a version of the same scoring system is being featured on the DigitalBar insurance benchmarking platform - a joint initiative with FinTech consulting firm Altus. 

Delivering Valuable Insights

How the Usability Scoring System works

The Scoring System covers 5 key usability categories:
Design scheme

Design scheme

Core integrity of the design system

Task orientation

Task orientation

Logic, layout, status information



Helpfulness of the site behaviour

Data entry

Data entry

Ease, accuracy and efficiency of journeys.

Help & error tolerance

Help & error tolerance

Wider support & tolerances of the experience

Each category contains 10-15 distinct usability questions with each question rated on a 1-5 scale.

Each Category score represents a percentage of the maximum achievable score and the total score represents the average score of all 5 categories. Categories carry different weightings which can change periodically as new usability conventions emerge and older conventions commoditise.

Scores are presented in tabular and radar chart form and can be supported with helpful advice and commentaries from Pancentric's Senior Usability Consultants.

Continually Optimising

Benefits of Usability Tests

Validates your design scheme

A good usability score will build confidence in the design direction of your digital journeys.

Fresh prespective

Design teams get a robust, independent view on a new or current digital design approach.

Guides future focus

Comprehensive ranking across key usability criteria & specialist advice help identify where to focus future efforts.

Gain a competitive edge

Competitor benchmarking identifies where you have an advantage and where you need to improve

Fees and timing

Usability test fees are from £750 per brand (scores only) or £1,500 per brand (scores & directional commentary). Delivery times are typically 1-2 weeks, again subject to scope.

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