AI-based smart pricing launched for insurance SMEs

Award-winning quote & buy platform Go-Insur and dynamic pricing platform Quantee have announced a new partnership to offer more competitive trading to SME insurer clients.

AI-based smart pricing launched for insurance SMEs

Data science has been the domain of big insurance players to date, and even then not utilised as fully and as dynamically as it could be.

This partnership between Go-Insur and Quantee opens up powerful new capabilities for SMEs - a true levelling up and leap-frogging of the market.

Says Simon Fenn, Director at Go-Insur, “Our mission at Go-Insur is to increase SME access to the best and latest digital insurance capabilities. Not only can Go-Insur offer SMEs the scaling and efficiency benefits of digital , and lightning speeds to market, but with Quantee we can also now offer personalised pricing to help SMEs achieve stronger conversion and retention rates and build more profitable books of business”.

Says Scott Holmes, Sales Director at Quantee, “Personalisation is a key factor for competitive pricing. Having prices individually calculated for every single customer improves your profitability and increases your control over your margin versus growth. Thanks to Quantee’s versatile modelling capabilities, easy usage of external data and powerful optimisation capabilities, you can easily build highly personalised pricing models on our platform.”.

Click here for more details and to organise a demo of the Go-Insur and Quantee solutions

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