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Take your MGA digital with this Quote & Bind Proof of Concept offer. Worth over £37,000.

From Go-Insur, the award-winning PAS from Pancentric

Submit your application by 31 July 2024

Seize the moment.

There’s never been a better time for your MGA to put digital to the test. And to do it with leading tech vendor Go-Insur in association with Insurance Times.

Perhaps you're just signing off on a plan to test digital?  Maybe you've been toying with the Quote & Bind option for a while?  

Go-Insur's Digital Proof of Concept (PoC) offer is an exceptional opportunity for you to put digital through its paces and to do it at negligible cost over the next 12 months with an award-winning tech vendor - fully supported free set-up, free running costs for 6 months, 50% off running costs for a subsequent 6 months.

With this Digital PoC, your MGA will get a product digitally trading and delivering results this year with no capital outlay. A fantastic basis to scale high margin sales over future years. 

Free Quote & Bind and PAS set-up

Take your MGA digital in 2024 - no capital outlay

Free set-up of Quote & Bind on Go-Insur, go-live 2024
Worth £15k

Free running costs for the first 6 months of digital trading
Worth £15K

50% reduced running costs for the following 6 months
Worth £7.5K
Digitise Your MGA today

Give digital a run for its money with Go-Insur

There's a lot of hype and mystery surrounding digital. This Proof of Concept (PoC) is designed to draw back the curtain on how digital works and the commercial opportunities for MGAs. 

The idea of the PoC is for you to digitise an existing insurance product in your portfolio and distribute online via your target brokers - and to see first hand the results it can bring.

This kind of opportunity doesn't come round every day. No IT resources are required. All you need is a genuine business interest in digital revenues and a grounded distribution plan.

Helping you achieve more

See the benefits of digital trading first hand

See how fast digitisation can be done. Typically 6-8 weeks.

See how easy and stress-free it is with expert, hands-on support.

See how you can scale your MGA - same products, more sales.
Ready. Steady. Go-Insur.

How you can qualify 

To apply for Go-Insur's Digital PoC, you must:


  • Be ready - have capacity for the product for 12 months
  • Be steady - be established, trading at least 12 months
  • Provide risk rated questions by Q3 2024 
  • Go live with the product in 2024
  • Be willing to participate in editorial/publicity coverage
  • New clients only, subject to business checks
MGA POC Offer Details

Go digital with award-winning tech vendor Go-Insur

Go-Insur has won multiple awards including the prestigious MGAA Initiative of the Year in 2022 (opposite). The total value of this Digital PoC offer is £37,500 excl. VAT, details below.

PoC OFFER details:
  • You receive free Go-Insur 'Pro' package configuration worth £15k which allows up to 10 risk rated questions
  • You receive free running costs for 6 months (worth £15k) or until you hit your first £500K of GWP, whichever happens first.
  • At 6 months, or £500K GWP, you switch to 50% reduced running costs until the end of the 12 month PoC.
  • At 12 months, you can either terminate or continue the service.
  • Full terms and conditions here
Calling all MGAs

Initial applications online

We invite MGAs to apply for the Digital PoC

Go-Insur will review applications and arrange a meeting with shortlisted MGAs to review plans and readiness to participate in the PoC.

The Go-Insur and Insurance Times teams reserve the right to extend the deadline of this PoC offer to find a credible participant.

Full terms and conditions here.

Calling all MGAs

Apply for Digital PoC Offer

Take your first step to Quote & Bind digital capabilities worth £37.5k.
Deadline 31st July 2024. Full terms & conditions here.
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