Brand development

End-to-end branding solution for Cardif Pinnacle's Everypaw

Cardif Pinnacle is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas. They wanted to expand their pet insurance business with the launch a bold new proposition. Our brief was to develop the brand and digital platform.

End-to-end branding solution for Cardif Pinnacle's Everypaw

Targeting and vision

The service vision was holistic pet healthcare and celebrating pets and their relationship with owners. Core audience was millennials and families. The branding project was underpinned with work on values, persona development, and consumer research. 

Early concepts

An early contender name and brand marque focused on the 'Everybuddi' concept.

This was later evolved to 'Everypaw'. Although the name changed the core brand personality and values remained.

Website & marketing

This was a fast-track delivery with branding and initial digital assets completed in 8 months. The brand personality was extended into the website supported by quote & buy journeys and integration with the leading aggregators. Everypaw launched as lead sponsors at the National Pet Show in 2017 with a companion social media campaign and content strategy. 

Game-changing win

In 2019, we supported Everypaw and Cardif Pinnacle in their bid to win Sainsbury's pet insurance. This featured a clickable, high-fidelity customer portal prototype. Everypaw secured the account and this has been a game-changer for the business and brand.

Raising the bar

Everypaw secured a top 3 place in the DigitalBar capability rankings in 2021.

Online RFP journey & portal design

31 August 2023

This is RFPs made better. Award-winning investment consultancy firm, bfinance, asked us to take stock of user testing insights and design a best-in-class online RFP service.