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Creating Better Digital Experiences  

In today's omnichannel environment, brands are under pressure to deliver a cross-channel user experience that's joined-up and frictionless. 

Digital design can't sit in a silo. Understanding your customer interactions across the piece is key. Speed, ease, connectedness and intelligent support at the point of need is now a customer expectation, not a nice-to-have. Recent studies indicate over 60% of customers have cut ties with a brand due to underwhelming customer experiences.

As an award-winning UX agency, we advocate an integrated 360 design approach that's insight-led backed up by rigorous user testing. It's a model our clients value, because it appreciates the full complexity of their challenges and it makes our UX outcomes more on-point and attuned to your customer needs, elevating your brand experience.

The User Experience Honeycomb

Value Proposition Is At The Heart Of Great UX Design

We're in the Peter Morville camp of UX design principles. UX is a honeycomb of connected customer values, not a standalone endpoint. It's about your business's wider value proposition. Your service must be desirable as well as useable. Our design philosophy makes us well-placed to help you take stock of your offering and translate it into a compelling market proposition.

user journey mapping

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Understanding your customer

Journey Mapping

Our strategy-led engagements start by mapping your as-is customer journeys and defining target audience personas. This work is key to building a successful UX design, and is informed by stakeholder consultations, customer research, analytics and 'as-is' user testing if needed. These outputs serve as guide rails for future user journey and experience design development.

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Simplified user flows with infographics
  • Customer touchpoints & sentiment
  • Front-office & back-office interfaces / IT systems
  • Customer pain points, friction areas, innovation
  • Buyer Personas or Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) summaries.
Plan A Course Of Action

User Stories & Roadmaps

Lean on us to conduct experience-led user research, and we'll work with you to prioritise a digital transformation roadmap to meet your business goals and customer expectations.

Roadmaps are typically phased to offer a continuous delivery of value, to minimise any disruption to your business - it's easier to absorb change in stages.  User stories are categorised into 'epics' to maintain focus on your strategic goals.  Manifesto-style project summaries are provided to help align your internal stakeholders.

We deliver services to support your business case for change, and use industry-standard tools like Jira to define and track delivery of your user stories.

Visualise The Journey

UX Prototyping & User Testing

We create low-fidelity prototypes early in the design process to test and root out key UX issues. Early stage usability testing helps de-risk projects prior to significant IT commitment, and gives you a tangible idea of how your new digital experience renders and where to target key customer journeys. This activity works well as a 'Sprint Zero'. Information Architectures (IA) and user flows are developed alongside low-fi prototypes.

  • Mobile-first prototypes
  • Paper prototypes or grayscale wireframes
  • Core value proposition & usability focus
  • Task orientation, messaging, language
  • Question sets & data entry
  • Help & support features

The Customer Is Always Right

Never has this statement been more true then in UX.  If it doesn't work for the user, it doesn't work - period - and your digital investment is at risk.  Every dollar spent in user testing is 1,000s saved in misplaced development.

The Lego Blocks of UX

Web Design Schemes

We can create UX designs schemes from scratch, or we can optimise and evolve your existing scheme. Either way, we'd advocate an 'atomic design' system, where a cohesive family of components can multiply and scale consistently to create highly useable UX structures.  Our designs build a strong brand identity that engages customers with your business, delivering optimised digital experiences that encourage customer interaction. 


  • Structural UX assets - pages, templates, structural components & sub-components
  • Style assets - logos, colour palette, typography, graphics, photography, motion, sound & writing style
  • Code components - HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Standards - principles, how to use & governance.
Always superb design from Pancentric and the team are great to deal with. Highly recommend.
Jenny Lane
Head of Marketing, Thomas Miller Group
The best in UX web design

Awesome Web Design Outcomes

From service apps to multi-site brochureware estates, our designs take businesses to the next level.

Building Your Web Designs

High-Fidelity Prototypes

We create high-fidelity, clickable prototypes to stress-test your final UX design and digital customer experience. Hi-fidelity prototyping is especially useful for greenfield ventures and road-testing the cohesiveness and versatility of your new web design schemes, with an interactive, visual representation of the finished product.  

Hi-fi prototyping also serves as a valuable design reference for Dev and QA teams, as your project enters its production phase. These tangible prototypes are invaluable for senior stakeholder showcases, or bidding for contracts and external funding.

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