Research & Discovery

Understand your customers & unlock insights.

The Power of Customer Insight

The stronger your customer insight, the more potent your proposition, and the more engaged and loyal your audience become.

Research by Microsoft suggests you can outperform your peers in sales growth by 85% if you leverage your customer behaviour data effectively across the connected areas of service design, digital and broader customer experience.

Customers expect excellence, joined-up omnichannel servicing, and a slick online experience. Being attuned to your customer's needs is vital to the service design process. Delivering a superior customer experience strengthens loyalty to your brand, and according to Bain & Company, can deliver a customer lifetime value up to 14 times greater than that of competitors who offer 'inferior' experiences.

Discovery Phase

Joined-Up Research Approach

Here at Pancentric, we champion customer-led digital transformation.  Our consultants and research partners will work with you to devise the optimum mix of research activities to gain the insights you need, as cost-effectively as possible - saving you time and money.  Importantly, we also provide a strategic bridge from the project discovery phase into your proposition development, journey mapping design and digital execution.

Insight Led Digital Transformation

Your Digital Journey Starts Here 

Our discovery team use the design thinking process to help shape your path to digital transformation, unlocking and interpreting customer insight, problem solving and applying innovative solutions.  We're the strategic bridge towards commercially effective digital development.

design thinking process

Discovery Workshops

Shaping purpose & aligning stakeholders 

Our discovery workshops help your team align on their project vision and digital strategy priorities. We use collaborative techniques to help you define your value proposition and customer experience ambitions. In this early discovery process, we will problem solve with you to align on digital performance concerns, known customer pain points and insight gaps, operational & IT dependencies and weaknesses, and wider project delivery considerations. By defining your target audience and the problems, we can align your business goals and project management roadmap. 

Outputs: Align on digital strategy, customer insight gaps and research focus, project priorities, KPIs, roadmap.

discovery phase

Customer Research

Understanding pain-points & opportunities

We specialise in customer-centric design, and will devise the optimal mix of customer insight activities to help you better understand your target audience. Research activities may include focus groups and/or in-depth interviews with target customers. Sometimes 'Service Safaris' are used for field observation with frontline teams and local customers. We use deep-dive workshops to enable 'as-is' customer journey mapping, develop buyer personas, and plot related back-office processes. Quantitative surveys run alongside qualitative activities for a full picture of your customer-base.

Outputs. Defined buyer personas, 'as-is' journey maps, and service blueprints to steer customer-led design.

customer personas

UX Audits & Benchmarking

Identifying friction & best practice

Reasons for friction in your customer experience can be many.  Poor UX in your digital journeys.  Cross-channel optimisation issues.  Technical performance issues.  For digital transformation to be effective, you need to know what's working and what isn't.  We can perform a website audit of your 'as-is' customer experience using a mix of expert reviews, analytics and benchmarking, to uncover and prioritise the friction areas on your site.  For the insurance industry, we have a specialist digital experience benchmarking service, allowing you to explore and compare your usability against over 230 insurer brands.

Outputs. Identify friction areas, innovation opportunities, understand competitor position, prioritise investment.

usability benchmarking

Insurance benchmarking service

Discover DigitalBar

Compare the user journeys of the UK's top insurers

Pancentric Digital has teamed up with insurance specialists Altus Consulting to create DigitalBar, an independent insurance benchmarking service that ranks the digital capabilities and usability standards of over 230 UK Insurance brands. Explore customer journeys, rank your digital capabilities against your competition, and exploit opportunities for innovation.

design thinking toolkit

Your Design Thinking Toolkit

Download our free Design Thinking Toolkit to unlock innovative techniques to help your business ask the right design questions and shape the best proposition.

This 25 page toolkit has expert advice and templates, giving your team all the tools to kick-off your own design thinking workshops, and truly get into the mindset of customer desirability, design feasibility and product viability.

Getting Hands On

Examples of Discovery Workshops

We get teams collaborating to get into the mindset of their customer to better understand them, and start to identify their product audiences through buyer personas.

Our approach is to build strong chemistry and common purpose with our client team and partners - collaborate, go on the journey together.
Simon Fenn
Simon Fenn
Co-Founder Director. Pancentric Digital
Unlocking Results

Examples of Discovery Outputs

After the Discovery Phase workshops, we solidify your customer personas and user journey mapping, before moving onto the UX Design and Build goals, to ensure your digital brand truly makes your customer King.

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