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Grow your value proposition & take control of your market with Go-Insur.

Digitise your MGA operation. In an ever-changing insurance marketplace, you need the right platform that gives you the power to adapt and expand quickly to gain the competitive edge.  Go-Insur gives you that edge.

We're multi award-winning for a reason.  Go-Insur's Quote & Buy solution gives you full control of your schemes, products and their distribution, in one central platform.  The super-agile solution allows you to launch products in days, and get quotes in minutes, reducing the time to bind.  Scale-as-you-go, white label, manage policies and commissions, and increase your GWP.


Start Small, And Scale As You Grow. 

Go-Insur is a modular platform, so only invest in the features you need.

Quote & buy/bind

Scheme & customise products

Multi-tiered distribution

Rates via API or Go-Insur 

Niche, specialty & other risks

White labelling

Flexible payments

Policy administration

Permissions & controls

Commission management

Agent & broker portal

OpenGI distribution

Polaris standards

Self-serve controls

Depth reporting with PowerBI

Multi Award-Winning Insurtech

  • Most Agile Insurance Technology Provider
  • Award winning insurance software
  • insurtech 100 company
  • insurtech specialist

The Only Solution for MGA - Vessel Protect

"We tried other MGA platform solutions for our Vessel Protect venture but Go-Insur proved far more flexible and the Pancentric team has delivered above and beyond our expectations."
Chris Goddard
Chris Goddard
CEO, Vessel Protect

1,000% Increase in GWP Generated in Just 12 Months

In 2022, Go-Insur won the MGAA Initiative of the Year Award for its game-changing work with London Market MGA Vessel Protect, achieving a 1000% increase in GWP within 12 months of their digital trading launch and a global first in K&R.


For Start-Ups, SMEs and Big Names.

  • Everypaw

Say 'Hello' to the World of Digital Policy Admin

Super easy policy administration. All your products and policy records in one place. Quick to run checks and update covers. Track success with real-time dashboards and PowerBI for deeper dive analysis. Quick updates to rates. Efficient, joined-up operations. No more manual processing or double data entry.


Enjoy Joined Up Processes with Our Low-Code Gateway

Gone are the days of rip & replace. Use Go-Insur's low-code gateway to access and workflow any number of new or existing systems into a seamless delivery. Uses Microsoft's Logic Apps.


Distribution and Service Integrations

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